Yep we back at it! NYFW: Mens

New York Fashion Week: Mens was about 3 weeks ago, so this post is very, very late. No matter, I’ll still recap one of the events I happen to attend. I didn’t go to any shows, but I was able to go to one event called ACTIVATE,  a showcase sponsored by WeWork and Man’edged Mag. This event was aimed at, from what I divulged, emerging brands. Each brand was given a booth(sort of like a trade show) to display their products, not to sell, but rather to gain exposure. The brands there ranged from clothing, footwear, jewelry and even a grooming company whose name eludes me at the moment. The night started off pretty mellow and picked up gradually as the event went on. After about thirty minutes of standing around talking with my friend Jason, I began to make my way around to several booths; first stop the homies over at Control Sector.

It’s always good to see these guys, we all went to FIT together. After some chit-chat and a few laughs I began to view the collection for FW16 that was out on racks and table, which would be hitting the runway the following week, at NYFW, with the introduction of their women’s collection as well. I liked what I saw a lot,very dope. With Control Sector no two collections are alike and this is by far my favorite of them all. Check out some more Control Sector photos below form the event.



6am was another brand that I cam across that night at the event. One word to describe this brand is clean and minimal(ok that was two), nevertheless dope in my opinion, the color palette consisted of black,white and grey(those shades never get old). There were also graphic crews,tees, and button downs to be found through out the collection. I chatted with the one man team Brennen Manuel for a good minute. When I ask him why he chose to call his brand 6am, he hit me with the 30-40 second elevator pitch, without a stutter! Perfectly summarized what his brand represented. I wish I would’ve recorded(I’m new to this blogging thing), next time! Sneak a peek at 6am below.




On your mark! Get set! Go!! Next up was the Runningman_Collection, a footwear label based out of Philly. Founder is Andre Williams(anyone with that last name is destined for greatness). We talked briefly about the inspiration behind the brand and how he got into fashion. It kind of just happened is the best way to summarize it. By the name of the brand one would suspect it was an athletic shoe, but far from it. The Red Herring, as the shoe is called, is a classic silhouette we’re all familiar with. The consturction of the shoe is that of a slip on, the laces are basically there for asthenic purposes. With an ostrich leather tongue for added coolness(I will not say flair) slip these on and you can stunt with the other exotic animal wearing fashionistas. Overall nice shoe I’d rock em’!

IMG_0419 (1)


Me with the founder Andre WIlliams

Me with the founder Andre Williams

I’m not a big fan of jewelry, but this father and son owned company, Snake Bones caught my eye. Each piece of jewelry is handmade and can take anywhere form a day to a week to make a single piece. The collection ranged form traditional pieces such as dog tags, wristbands and rings with their own unique twist to them. There’s a ring that doubles as a magnifying glass-could be very handy! I’m feeling the two bracelets at the bottom right of the table. Which do you like?




These were just a few of the brands that were at ACTIVATE that I got a chance to speak with and the ones I liked the most. Head over to to read up on the rest of the event and the other brands that presented. Follow the aforementioned brands below and check out some more photos form my night there.






Me and the girls of the brand of Kid Rid-Another brand that was at the event but I didn't get a chance to speak with the founder.

Me and the girls from the brand Kid Rid-who were at the event, but I didn’t get a chance to speak with the founder.

Me and the homie Jason.

Me and the homie Jason.


People form different backgrounds all sharing the same interests. #nyfwm


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