There’s like 50 layers before you get to me.

We’re all familiar with it by now. If you live here in NYC you’ve seen it a lot. What am I talking about you ask? You know, those people who are walking around with that long shirt sticking out and a slightly shorter top over it. To the uninitiated this seems like madness. “Tuck your shirt in your pants young man!” To the initiated this is known as reverse layering. This is not the same as the days of the extra baggy t-shirt that came down to your knees (can you believe people used to dress like that!?!) Although, I will say that look, in part originated from hip-hop, which influences a lot of things within fashion as well as grunge and various other subcultures of music and art. But this is not that! Unlike traditional layering where each successive piece of clothing becomes longer, hiding the former, in reverse layering the effect is the opposite. One starts out with a tall tee or a long button down shirt as a base. The hem of the shirt should go no further than 3-6 inches pass your top layer(another immutable law of menswear). As you add more layers each becomes a little shorter than the previous, giving that unique look achievable only through this type of technique. I’d recommend no more than 2-4 layers for this style. Also I must say I’ve never really seen many who go beyond this number, but I could be wrong. I personally like to finish this look off with a denim or bomber jacket. Try it out see what you like. Now go, go layer away ye who have learned!

2 piece layering. Tall tee and bomber jacket.

2 piece layering. Tall tee and bomber jacket.

3 Piece layering, tall tee, denim shirt, bomber jacket.

3 Piece layering, tall tee, denim shirt, bomber jacket.


Just another view of the reverse layering. Stairs are appropriate for this, sort of illustrates it.

Bomber Jacket- Calvin Klein

Denim Shirt-Levis

Tall Tee-Helmut Lang



Watch-Swatch US

Location-Dumbo, NY

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