A Night of Wine, Beer, Deviled Eggs and Art!

A night of wine, beer, deviled eggs, and art (all free of charge) accurately depicts Caelum Gallery’s opening reception last Thursday night, for artist James Nazz’s, ‘Fragile’. James’s medium of choice is egg (yes, like what you probably had this morning for breakfast), which he skillfully sculpts, or transforms rather, into works of art you probably wouldn’t expect. I had a chance to speak with James for a brief moment that night, and, as you may have guessed, my first and only question was, “Why eggs?”

It turns out before he started using eggs as a medium for his art, he was an egg tempera painter (who would’ve thought it!?). You might not know what egg tempera painting is (don’t worry, I didn’t either) so I’m going to drop some knowledge real quick. Egg tempera is a permanent, fast-drying paint medium consisting of pigments mixed with a water-soluble binder (eggs). This painting technique, also referred to as “tempera” is very long lasting. There are still paintings from the first century A.D. that used this painting technique!

Back to James Nazz…

So, he told me one day he was cracking eggs at the sink to mix the paint, and as he was cracking them, he stacked the shells on the side of the sink. When the stacked eggshells reached about six inches, he then started two new stacks in front. At first, he did not notice the image that had formed. It was only later when he saw it again that he realized what he had made. This was the first piece he had made with egg shells. The image below explains it all.

IMG_1413 (1)

James Nazz: Genesis Clearly this is some type of building.

I chuckled a bit when I heard that story! Check out some more photos from the night and my favorites from the egg-ibiton ( see what I did there!?) below. Also head of over to Caelum Gallery, located at 526 W 26th St #315, New York, NY to see more for yourself. Exhibition will be up on display through April 21st. Trust me it’s worth it!

IMG_1419 (1)

James Nazz: Love. Can you believe this is two egg shells, they had to be perfectly symmetrical in order to make this shape!


The look on his face is classic! Source: Caelum Gallery


30 years in the making!! This was moved around over a period of 30 years as dust continued to gather on it’s surface and around it.

12801222_608211772663421_4639916968871018496_n (1)

Source: Cealum Gallery


I don’t know how I feel about this piece, but it did as art is supposed to do: it provoked!



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