A Night of Art and Culture

A night of art and culture went down at the Lovecraft Bar, located in the Lower East Side. The show, “Love It or Hate It,” was a curation for local artists in and around New York City. When I first entered the building, it resembled that of a normal bar (dark and everyone socializing and trying to go home with a new friend). I was a little confused when I first walked in there because it did not seem like an art show. After spinning around in circles for a few seconds, I asked security if there was an art show happening, and he directed me to a set of stairs at the end of the room. As I descended the first set of stairs, I saw a painting of a woman with a crown above her head holding a heart in her hand. I was already intrigued. I would’ve liked to have spoken with the artist about her inspiration behind the piece, but she was not there (or she was there and I left too early, because I wanted to get home in time to watch season two of Daredevil on Netflix).

Artist: Kierre Moore @KURRATIONS

Artist: Kierre Moore IG@KURRATIONS I love her style, there’s texture to her work.

After I got to the bottom of the stairs, I entered a room filled with paintings. I began to wander around and muse over whatever caught my attention, while I waited for my homegirl Michelle to show up and watch her paint live, not on a canvas, but on a person. I have to be honest, some of the work at the art show was okay while some was really dope, which brings me to mixed media artist David Iyman, who classifies himself as an abstract impressionistic letterist. I had a chance to sit down and speak with him briefly about his work (music was blasting super loud in there, and it was hard to hear what he was saying, so a lot of head nodding was going on). From what I remember, his art uses mostly letters to create images. One has to focus on a piece in order to see and understand what is going on. In a sense, this style gives his work that abstract appearance like in this painting below.

Artist: David Iyman

Artist: David Iyman IG@DL7D8 Marilyn Monroe Theme.

David Iyman

David Iyman

Highlight of the night was the homie Michelle. Her presentation was unique from the rest in that she was doing her art work right there on the spot, while people looked on and about. Peep the images below!


Artist: Michelle Gemini IG@grindbymichele Model: Isaiah Panther IG @lookhumans

IMG_1372 (2)

Artist: Michelle Gemini IG@grindbymichele Model: Isaiah Panther IG @lookhumans

More photos of various artists works.


Artist: Chris Fransisco IG@datucristofu Personal favorite of mine.


Artist: Maloverse IG @Maloverse

Artist: Gabriel Camacho IG @artbygabe

Artist: Gabriel Camacho IG @artbygabe That Biggie Tribute on his left is too dope, I had chance to speak with him briefly, passionate dude!

Artists at work!

Artists at work!

Artist: Geno Bobino

Artist: Geno Bobino I thought this visual interpretation of a classic Biggie lyric was done well by the artist.

Dope art, dope music, and cool people. Overall a good night. Shout out to Pumpkin for curating the show!


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