Muses & Men Meet Suliya Giselle, Model and Writer

Muses & Men is an interview/editorial series highlighting various models, artists and creatives making moves within the industry.

In the first installment of Muses & Men I had the chance to interview one of Brooklyn’s up and coming models and good friend of mine, Suliya Giselle. Suliya has walked numerous fashion shows during NYFW and was former assistant Editor of the online magazine, The Dapifer. I had a chance to catch up with Suliya a few weeks ago in Soho during her lunch break for an impromptu photo shoot and a quick chat about modeling and other interests of hers.

When did you first become interested in fashion and modeling?

I became interested around the age of 16. I entered into a modeling competition and flew out to Orlando, Florida. After the completion I got a call back, but the woman said I was not photogenic enough. I didn’t let that stop me!

 What’s you’re favorite thing about modeling?

You get to be a different person, its similar to acting, except silently!

 What do you dislike the most about it?

Shitty, egotistical people.

Are you currently signed?


Dream show to walk in?

Comme des garçons!

 What are some brands you’ve walked for?

 I’ve walked in Lamirrital, Gabriela Ostolaza, Shumpei Okatomo and Rive Gauche. I also did Parsons Vs. FIT Fusion Fashion Show.

Favorite piece of clothing/footwear in you closet right now?

My light pink patent leather go-go boots!

If you weren’t pursuing modeling what would you be doing?

Probably writing for a fashion publication, pursuing styling or I’d be in film school.

Describe your current style?

I’m trying not to wear black so often, so I’ll wear prints or solid colors, but other than that I like to be comfy. I’m also really digging the whole 70s revitalization, bell bottoms, platform shoes and mules and chunky shoes.

Favorite food you could eat everyday?

Pie! Cherry Apple or just plain Apple Pie with ice cream.

 Models do more than just model these days; they are brand ambassadors, or collaborating on capsule collections. Who would your dream collaboration be with?

It would be Glossier because their ads are relatable and real. No woman in their campaign is overly photoshopped. They have freckles, scars, dimples and moles. They look like regular people. Most makeup and skin care brands just sell sex; glossier doesn’t. They teach, skin first, makeup second. And it’s so natural. I don’t like anything cakey or fake looking. I’d love to have a Glossier campaign. They taught me to love my skin and to be wiser about where I put my money in terms of cosmetics.

Brand worn in photos: Derek Lam 10 Crosby

Photographer: Darryl Williams

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