Menswear: What’s Trending in the Stores?

Hey gents (and ladies who might be reading this), welcome back to the fourth installment of “Menswear: What’s Trending in the Stores?”. Each month I rummage through the web (because I have a life, I can’t physically go to every poppin’ store in the city) picking out the dopest menswear pieces sold in stores during the course of the month. This month sees variations of our good ol’ friend, the t-shirt, trending.We have scalloped tees (that should seem familiar, this guy is here for the long haul) and graphic tees. Not just any kind of graphics though, more on the morbid mix of heavy metal, wannabe-band tees (these are trending among celebrities and others, but I think it officially died since the VMAs on Sunday) and pop-art type-ish variations. You can never go wrong with a good graphic t-shirt though (Am I right or Am I right?)!

Scalloped T-Shirt


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Here we have the scalloped t-shirt again with a high-low hem line for added chicness (no real fashion critic would use this word in this form probably, but I don’t really give a damn). We also have a shortened cap sleeve, changing things up a bit. So for those of you who like to cuff your shirt sleeves (moi) you don’t have to with this shirt. So please, don’t.

Gruesome Graphic Tees




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FRWD by Elise Walker

So after some Wikipedia searching for the term “Macabre,” which is what this type of imagery/art is called, I’ve found that it’s about the details and symbols of death, hence, the ghastly graphics. So not too far off from my aforementioned description of “heavy-metal band pop-art type-ish”. If you didn’t laugh, you have no sense of humor, or maybe I’m just not funny and I should give up my aspirations of freelance comedy. Anyway, if you’re into these types of graphics, be sure to shop the two brands above.


Enzyme Washed T-Shirt





Have you ever heard the term “you washed out” or is it “washed up”? Nevermind, that actually has nothing to do with the garment above. However at work we’re working on a capsule collection and the designer wants to achieve that same looks as the above tee, using types of  enzyme washes ( basically a chemical compound that breaks down the garment to give it that worn look)I’ve never heard of before and I would tell you what they are, but I don’t remember the names. Anyways Topman at it again, on trend( just like us) with this cool enzyme wash tee with an awkward pocket near the bottom, at left side seam.  Ehhh, not sure if I’d rock it, but someone definitely will.

YAY!! Joggers


The Corner

These are not your typical athleisure-type joggers. This is on a different level, even up to fancy, if I dare say so myself. I want these! I may never buy dress pants again. Look at the well executed details, leather trimming on the waistline and a tailored fit to kick it up a notch. Excuse me, can I get this in black please!?

The above are some of what I thought were the dopest items trending in stores during the past month that you should consider buying to kick your wardrobe up a notch, like those last pair of pants. Come back next month and find out what new stuff is trending and selling in stores so that you can go and spend your hard-earned money thats burning a hole in your pocket!

Oh, if you missed last month’s update on what was trending in stores check it out here, “Menswear: What’s Trending in the Stores”.



Source: Fashion Snoops, Speakingofstyle

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