Menswear What's Trending in the Stores?

What’s good, what’s good!? Welcome back to the 5th installment of “Menswear: What’s trending in the stores?” This is usually where I tell you about how each month I scour the internet in search of trending items for us gents to spend our hard earned money on, butttt its been about two months since I’ve done that, so that sentence would not be accurate. I’ve been slacking, I know! Thankfully, I was bored and decided why the hell not! Don’t worry, nothing was popping those last two months anyway. (Haha) We were in that weird trans period between summer and fall, and throwing in the bipolarity of the New York weather, people didn’t know what to wear from one day to the next. Fall is in full affect now so we’re all walking around a little less confused. Anyways, check out some of these cool pieces below. Maybe you’ll find something to update your wardrobe with this weekend!


The Puffer Pullover


Need Supply Co.


If you are familiar with the puffer jacket, the above are like its cousins. I’d go with the Isaora one because it’s less puffy (the irony of that statement I know). Needless to say, nice layering piece for the Fall and the coming Winter months.

Subversive Statement Tees






Let’s be real, we all like t-shirts with some witty statements on them. Granted, the first one may be a bit much. I definitely couldn’t wear that around the office, even if I was in a meeting with some designer who was getting on my last nerve. However, if you layer it with one of the puffer pullovers above you’re golden!

Fancy Cropped Night Robe




Mr. Porter

We’re getting a little fancy and sophisticated with this robe right here! For some reason this reminds me of an Ad I used to see along Broadway when I was walking from work that read “a New York gentleman staples his papers with gold staples.” I laughed every time I read it. If you’re that guy from the Ad ( props to you) then these robes are your steez!

Bold Branding aka You’re kind of loud





Bold branding on clothing is not new in fashion. Matter-of-fact it was all the rage in the 90’s and early 00’s if I’m not mistaken. These pieces unabashedly scream, “hey look what I’m wearing.” Clearly this is trending again. Goodbye age of subtlety. Granted, if you’re a fan of bold branding there’s nothing wrong with that either. Brands such as Stussy and Carhartt do it tastefully.


Alright, that’s a wrap peeps! Hope this proved to be a little entertaining and helpful. Holidays are coming up, so if I were you I’d start making a list of things to buy once those holiday discounts are in full effect! Until we meet again. Now I’m off to play with my new camera!




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