I’m looking at it, but not sure if I really get it. . . .

Last night I went to the Opening reception for the Japanese Artists Group Show, Fugetsu-Sha at Caelem Gallery in Chelsea. Now before I go on let me state that I did not just go for the free wine and ginger snap cookies, that were being served at the reception. But lets be real some secretly did. I digress. The exhibition featured around 250 different works from up and coming Japanese artists belonging to various schools of art. I’ve always had a fascination with Japanese culture since I was a child, starting with anime, like who didn’t watch Dragon Ball Z(all time best), Gundam Wing, Bleach, I could go on, but I won’t nerd out on you. The fascination has remained now as a young adult, but more so with their culture and subcultures-fashion and art being the greatest of interest. Check out a few photos from the reception below and be sure to stop by Caelum Gallery 508/512 West 26th street, Suit 315 New York, NY. Also visit their website at caelumgallery.com to see current and up coming exhibitions and follow on Instagram @caelumgallery.com. Exhibition runs until March 2nd. Don’t miss out on dope art you don’t really get,probably can’t afford, but you like it because it looks dope!


Let the long or brief gazes at paintings begin!

Toru Oishi

“Angry Waves “by Toru Oishi, These eight were one of my favorites from the exhibition, the way the white paint is scattered on the black background disproportionately, without order, you can almost feel the turmoil taking place.


I love the look on her face!

By Michio Iwakura

“Sound 5” By Michio Iwakura, I’m looking at, but not sure if I really get it.


They probably came for the free wine, yep.


“Let me make a heart excited” by Yoshu Fukushima, Another favorite of mine, the warm colors give this painting a glow like feel, I’d like this as a graphic on a t shirt or crew neck sweater.


The look of delight in her expression!! She must really like the painting.


“Another Vision” by Susumu Ikegami, Potter’s clay & Silver Foil & Japanese paper.


Getting a closer look at the “Another Vision” piece, I think I get it!

The four photos of the art are by me.

All other photos @LEOTHECLEO

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  1. Cleo

    February 27, 2016 at 7:01 pm

    Thanks so much for coming to the reception! As they say, if the art doesn’t leave an impression (even a confusing one), then it’s not doing its job 🙂

    1. Darryl Williams

      February 28, 2016 at 3:55 am

      Haha you’re welcome Cleo! Always will show luv 🙂

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