Enter: Shanghai Fashion Week-Emerging Chinese Designers

Enter Shanghai (I really wanted to make an Enter the Dragon joke right here) Fashion Week, a ground ripe and right for emerging designers! I don’t know about you, but I love the notion of ’emerging designers,’ those steadily working their way from the underground, or under the pavement rather (see what I did there), onto the world stage of fashion. The beauty of it does not only include the emerging designers coming from China, but that Shanghai Fashion Week itself has also been steadily rising from the underground for the last ten years and catching the eyes of the industry’s largest publication, Women’s Wear Daily (Once you get a mention in WWD you can die in peace!!).

You probably have not been privy to Shanghai Fashion Week, which took place from April 8th to the 16th, as the likes of Milan, Paris, and New York Fashion Weeks kind of overshadowed everyone else. Now a decade in, Shanghai Fashion Week has made the intelligent play of situating itself as a platform for these emerging designers. See below for the best and my favorite picks from Shanghai Fashion Week.


Designer: Zhou Xiaowen

“Guangzhou-born designer Zhou Xiaowen learned her craft working for John Galliano and Thierry Mugler before launching Hiuman in 2009. Particularly over the past two years, she has made serious inroads in pushing her vibe of streetwear for nerds to an international audience……….. This fall collection had more of an urban feel than previous efforts and took inspiration from Bruce Lee-era kung fu movies, with a retro Instagram filter palette.”


Hiuman F/W 16 Source: WWD


Hiuman F/W 16 Source: WWD

Makin Jan Ma

Designer: Makin Jan Ma

“Formerly known as a men’s wear designer, London-based Makin Jan Ma presented a show of largely unisex looks — oversize, fuzzy moto jackets, sloganeering sweaters and layer upon layer of colors and patterns, teamed with high-top sneakers.”

sfw-f16-171 (1)

Makin Jan Ma F/W 16 Source: WWD


Makin Jan Ma F/W 16 Source: WWD

Ban Xiao Xue

“…….Generally working with free-flowing silhouettes and natural fibers, the collection, with its added injection of playfulness, was something of a departure. The theme was romantic love and the concept was to showcase essentially the same item of clothing — a single-breasted winter coat worn by models over a nude body stocking. Each coat was differentiated with the use of different materials, embroidery, appliqué and color combinations.”


Ban Xiao Xue F/W 16 Source: WWD


Ban Xiao Xue F/W 16 Source: WWD


Designer: Yirantian Guo

“……….this fall collection from Yirantian featured plenty of luxe fabrics and strict tailoring. Materials such as leather and fur played up Guo’s signature clean, modern lines, with designs often falling to midcalf. Monochrome is another Guo signature, with a strict color palette of black, white and brown.”


Yirantian F/W 16 Source: WWD


Yirantian F/W 16 Source: WWD

The above are just a few names from the vast talent pool of designers that China has to offer! Keep an eye out guys, some of these designers may be the next big name in fashion!


Source: Womensweardaily.com

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