Enter Marlene Dumas: Most expensive female artists!?

In the light of it being International Women’s Day I thought I’d tell you about one of today’s most expensive and prominent female artists: Marlene Dumas. Marlene Dumas,62, was born in 1953 in Cape Town, South Africa. Marlene got her B.A. in Fine Arts at the University of Cape Town and went on to acquire various other degrees. In 2005, she made headlines as one of the world’s most expensive living artist with her painting, “The Teacher”, which sold for $3.3 million (Damn! What am I doing wrong?). The painting is a portrait that was taken of her class when she was a child in South Africa ($3.3 million though?).


Source: Nytimes.com

Another one of Marlene’s famous paintings is “The Visitor”(1995), oil on canvas painting, sold for $6.3 million at the Sotheby’s London in 2008. (I’m about to quick my job and paint some prolific-ish!) The portrait is of a group of strippers standing at an open door seeming to be waiting for something (One can only speculate!).


Source: Blouinartinfo.com

Throughout Marlene Dumas’ works the themes teeter on the line of dark and somewhat morbid. This makes art more interesting in my opinion. You can sort of get an idea of what is going on in the artist psyche and how they view the world. The grim subtext throughout Marlene’s art may be in part, influenced by the politics of Apartheid in which she grew up in. She eventually went on to be signed by famous art dealer, David Zwirner and the rest is history! Visit marlenedums.nl to find out about upcoming exhibitions.


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