Enter: Emerging Designers from the Middle East

When it comes to fashion, there are no cultural or geographical limitations. Creativity transcends all boundaries! Last week we visited (via WWD subscription) Shanghai Fashion Week and uncovered a few of the amazingly talented designers emerging from that area. This week, I thought we’d head over to China’s neighbors to the West, to the Middle East. (That makes geographical sense, right? If China is far east, I have to head back west to get to the middle east, no? Whatever! Haha.)

Enter: emerging designers from the Middle East. Not that we have not had designers from this region before, but when most people hear the phrase ‘Middle East,’ they think of all the chaos that’s going on over there (courtesy of the news) and that nothing good is happening, except maybe in Dubai. Don’t be ignorant! This region has produced the likes of Elie Saab, Reem Acra, and Zuhair Murad. The difference between the previous generation and the emerging designers now, is the diversity each brings, whereas most of the aforementioned designers were regulated to the categories of evening wear, bridal, or red carpet style. Below are just a few of the talented designers and labels from the Middle East that I came across while doing some research (still more to do). I’m sure you’ll appreciate the aesthetics!

Noritamy Jewelry

Designers: Tammar Edelman(Jeweler) and Elinor Avni(Architect)

“Noritamy is a jewelry label that reflects the fascinating encounter of fashion and architecture.”


Jewelry by Noritamy SS16 Joints Collection| Source: Alexanderlipkin.com

Can we even call that a 5 finger ring? Too dope!


Noritamy SS16 Joints Collection| Source: evelinakhromtchenko.com


Jewelry by Noritamy SS16 Joints Collection | Source: Alexanderlipkin.com

That erring speaks volumes! She’s definitley upstaging everyone in the room with this piece.


Location: Tehran

Designers: Shiva and Shirin Vaqar

Nominated for this years LVMH Prize

“Boasting a “modern and casual” aesthetic……..aimed at a woman who “has her own values and her own point of view”.


Vaqar FW15-16|Source: Vaqar

Definitely modern. Clean cuts. Let’s take some time to appreciate that jacket!


Vaqar FW15-16|Source: Vaqar

I love this piece right here. Garment drapes very well. Notice the pocket again!


Vaqar FW15-16|Source: Vaqar

The sleeve caught my attention on this one, which was the entire point of doing it in this, I caught my jacket sleeve on a fence and it ripped, but it looks really dope so I’m not patching it up.

Mashael Alrajhi

Location: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Designer: Mashael Alrajhi

Mashael Alrajhi is female designer who makes menswear. Given the society in which she lives, it is quite amazing that she is able to design and dress men in some amazing clothing as you will see below. By far the best in my opinion, of the emerging designers from the Middle East. The pieces in her Spring/Summer 2016 ‘Dichotomy’  collection is like Arabian knights meets Ninja!


Mashael AlRajhi SS16 Dichotomy Collection |Source: Modestnobility


Mashael AlRajhi SS16 Dichotomy Collection |Source: Modestnobility


Mashael AlRajhi SS16 Dichotomy Collection |Source: Modestnobility


A lot of talent coming from this area, it is definitely worth keeping an eye on!


Source: Business of Fashion


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