the grind.

The Grind is a series highlighting up and coming brands and the driven and creative individuals behind them.   In my first interview of the new year I linked up with the two ladies behind the NYC based brand, Ricco Noir Studios; Marissa Pelly and London. We had a dope

Muses & Men Meet Suliya Giselle, Model and Writer

Muses & Men is an interview/editorial series highlighting various models, artists and creatives making moves within the industry. In the first installment of Muses & Men I had the chance to interview one of Brooklyn’s up and coming models and good friend of mine, Suliya Giselle. Suliya has walked

What the heck is a Vegan???

What the heck is a vegan? It’s 2017, everyone should know the answer to this question by now! However, for those of you who don’t know, or you live under a rock, I’ll briefly explain. 1. I don’t only eat vegetables. 2. I also eat this. 3. I’m not

Zeph’s Wrath

  When did you get into fashion? OD: I got into fashion my senior year of high school. I was going into college and I also started working and making my own money then. At that time, I was into Obey, Supreme, and Nike Dunks. My boys were really